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Mobile Kitchens Canada Inc. is the only company in the country to provide our comprehensive range of mobile food services. From the rental of mobile food service equipment, to equipment ownership, to logistical planning, follow-through and full-service project management, we’ve been providing exceptional temporary foodservice solutions to Canada and the world since 2003. 

The scope and complexity of your project is no obstacle: from small to large, our custom mobile kitchen solutions can be as basic or as intricate as you’d like. We work with you, every step of the way, to build you the best mobile kitchen for your needs. Specializing in fully-customizable mobile kitchens, mobile ware washing, mobile preparation units, mobile refrigeration and freezer units, logistics, and on-site planning and management, we ensure our clients are comfortable and confident with our products. 

Choose from an impressive selection of certified temporary kitchens, appliances and support equipment.  Contact us  to find out how Mobile Kitchens Canada can help your company or organization.

Our Projects
Here’s a look at a few of our latest completed projects…
Containerized Kitchens

Containerized Kitchens

Custom made containerized kitchens for sale, ready-to-ship immediately


All trailers conform to Electrical Standards and all equipment is approved under third party affiliation

All equipment conforms to CSA standards.

TSSA Field Approved