Mobile Kitchens Canada Inc. (MKC) is a privately owned and operated corporation established in 2003. President and owner David Craig started MKC after being a caterer for 20 years.  

His business, which had begun as a single kitchen, evolved to a fleet of commercial kitchens. During his time in the industry, he amassed substantial knowledge about the day-to-day demands of itinerant food services, particularly as they relate to mobile food facilities.


Today, MKC operates with six likewise experienced full-time staff. The scope of our collective experience means that we have an exceptional understanding of how our clients use our kitchens—after all, we’ve used them ourselves. 


We have the logistical capabilities to provide temporary foodservice solutions across Canada. In fact, procedures are in place with our sister company American Mobile Kitchens to provide immediate response—within 24 hours—to emergency relief efforts anywhere in North America. Our company prides itself on its ability to mobilize equipment, products, staff, and resources, quickly and effectively.


Our team, our strategies and our products keep evolving as new equipment becomes available and new technologies come on line. We pride ourselves on maintaining excellence at every turn, continually assessing our mobile kitchen floor plans to incorporate advancements and features recommended by project managers and chefs.


Our Products & Process


Our rental mobile trailers include 28-foot and 44-foot kitchen units, refrigeration, and dishwashing facilities. Learn more about rental information.


Mobile Kitchens Canada has been involved in numerous projects in areas ranging from major health care, disaster management, and sporting events including the 2010 Olympics. We provide logistics, mobile kitchens and support equipment across North America and the Caribbean. We have also provided project management consulting services and supplied and installed kitchen units for a global mining company operating in Chile and Argentina. We invite you to check out our other past projects here.


Mobile Kitchens Canada offers an on-site survey to evaluate the client's requirements, prepares a recommended operational food service plan, and liaises with health, fire, and building departments to ensure compliance with all provincial and local codes. Following delivery, we assist contractors in the installation of the units. Expedient, low-cost installation can be anticipated, with a good planning model and site readiness for water, waste, and electrical connections.


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All trailers conform to Electrical Standards and all equipment is approved under third party affiliation

All equipment conforms to CSA standards.

TSSA Field Approved