Temporary mobile kitchens are what we do. Whether your company or organization would prefer to rent or own a mobile unit, Mobile Kitchens Canada has affordable solutions that will easily accommodate your needs.

We also have connections with several lending companies for simple, streamline purchase financing. We know that you may require a solution, fast, and we do everything possible to make sure you get the best possible product at the best possible price with second-to-none full-service support.


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Mobile Kitchens 44’

The full commercial line-up of commercial kitchens include:

  • 7 x 10 walk-in cooler
  • convection ovens
  • griddle and burner ranges
  • deep fryers
  • skillet
  • steamer
  • stainless steel work tables
  • three compartment sink with tankless 'on demand' hot water system.

Walk-In Coolers: Stand-alone mobile refrigeration unit or complementary to any of the mobile kitchen units for additional refrigeration / freezer requirements.

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Mobile Kitchens 28’ & 20’

These trailers include:

  • double door reach-in stainless cooler and chest freezer
  • double stack convection oven
  • 4-burner / 12" griddle
  • char broiler and double basket deep fryer
  • two 6-feet stainless work tables

Dishwashing: Complements the mobile kitchens to create mobile commissary style functionality or as a stand-alone unit.

The dishwashing units include:

  • Ecotemp Work Horse high temperature conveyor with booster heater
  • 3 stainless work tables
  • mildew resistant shelving
  • hand wash sink
  • tankless on demand hot water system

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Cooler & Freezer Pods/Trailers

Cooler & Freezer Pods/Trailers Stand-alone mobile refrigeration unit or complementary to any of the mobile kitchen units for additional refrigeration / freezer requirements.

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*Not all photos and floor plans are exact replicas of specific units.

Mobile Kitchens Canada handles delivery and set-up anywhere in North America. Contact us for more details.


We take as much time as it takes to acquaint the facility's maintenance personnel with the unit's operation. Each Mobile Kitchens Canada unit is fitted with standard commercial equipment and has excellent service accessibility for maintenance. Each unit is environmentally compatible and user-friendly. We provide extended onboard training for the dietician, chef, and staff, allowing them to reach a comfort level that insures a smooth transition from their facility to the Mobile Kitchens Canada unit while continuing to provide a cost-efficient food service.

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All trailers conform to Electrical Standards and all equipment is approved under third party affiliation

All equipment conforms to CSA standards.

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